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Tribal Home Stay

Gujarat trip is never complete without a visit to the tribal homes and interacting with the tribals closely. The state is home to so many different tribes with each one having its own unique art and culture, ceremonies and rituals, clothes and jewellery. Gujarat Trails is a trusted name among the tribals and they wholeheartedly welcome our guests into their homes. You can spend a day with the tribal men and women learning about their traditional art forms, tasting their cuisine and getting to know them personally. The intricacy of the art work made by these people will leave you spellbound.

Jambughoda is one such place which is in proximity to various hamlets of Bhils, Rathwas, Bhilalas and other tribes. The tribal folks can be spotted sporting colourful attires and chunky jewellery. A tour of these tribal villages and hamlets offers an insight of traditional architecture, lifestyle & handicrafts of each aboriginal community. The tribal market called 'hatt' occurs at different villages. Pithora painting, pottery, terracotta figures, Langoti wearing and bamboo basket weaving are main attractions here. On special requests, the tribals open their homes and hearts to the guests and you can have a night’s stay as well in one of their hutments.

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