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Gujarat shows a vast variation in topography. From desert to oceans and hills to plains the state has every topographical feature. Closeness to the Thar desert gives Gujarat a dry and arid climate. But on the other hand, the coastline gives some of the cities a pleasant and humid characteristic too. The indomitable Rann of Kutch gives a salty and dry air and the wetlands play home to many a migratory birds. The main rivers that flow through this land are Narmada, Sabarmati, Tapi, Purna, Damanganga, Rukmavati etc. Owing to these diverse topographical features the climate in Gujarat is also quite diverse. The winters are dry, mild and pleasant with day time temperature plunging to 29 degrees celsius and nights to 12 degrees celsius. The summers are extremely hot and day time temperature scorches to 49 degrees celsius while night is only just a bit cooler at 30 degrees celsius. The monsoons arrive just after summers and the days leading to monsoons are extremely hot and humid. Monsoons bring respite from the summer heat. The best time to visit Gujarat is the winter season.

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